I love travelling by bicycle. Loading everything I need into panniers and heading off on a self-sufficient adventure is just about the best way of spending my time.

I also have developed a love of pilgrimage routes. To travel by bicycle or on foot along tracks, lanes and paths that thousands have travelled before you, visiting sacred places, seeing the beautiful countryside and meeting like-minded souls along the way is an addictive and rewarding pastime.

To combine the two is just perfection!

Having travelled many of the Christian and pre-Christian pilgrimage routes across Europe I became interested in seeking out routes in my own country – the UK. Many ancient paths still exist and more are unearthed from old maps every day. A renaissance in pilgrimage is upon us. Not just for the followers of organised faiths, nor just for the pagans trying to make sense of what came before – but for us all. We all benefit from following a path, from stepping out into the unknown, travelling ‘a way’ from our everyday lives. Walking or pedalling into the distance, discovering what lies over the hill, taking time to stop and look and ponder on the remnants of human endeavour, taking time to appreciate the birdsong, the warm breeze and the beautiful view unfolding before us. We may encounter problems and travails along the way, missed turnings, broken kit, sudden rain or running out of water…. and that is when we find the kindness of strangers, the bounty of nature and hopefully the resilience and strength that we all possess. That is when we find ourselves a pilgrim.

The Michael and Mary Pilgrimage Route.

From Carn Les Boel in Cornwall to Hopton-On-Sea in Norfolk.

There is a beautiful cycle route that wends its way through the UK from Carn Les Boel in Cornwall to Hopton-On-Sea in Norfolk – crossing the entire mainland.  It visits many interesting historical and sacred sites along the way that are situated on the Michael and Mary Energy Lines – or on the alignment that joins them.

The route passes through the most stunning scenery that Britain has to offer.  Following small country lanes, bridleways and ancient track-ways used by our distant ancestors.

This website shows the route in easy sections which can be followed as a whole or in sections as day rides.

Michael Mary Line Information.

This is a route following the ‘energy’ lines that twist across the UK from Cornwall to Norfolk, visiting sacred sites along the way, an ‘alignment’ of many of these sites forms a traditional ‘ley’ line. Some places we visit have one line passing through them, others have both Mary and Michael lines – at a ‘node’, or either or both along with the ley line alignment. This is all very curious (and dowsable!)

For more info read ‘The Sun and the Serpent’ by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst and visit https://marymichaelpilgrimsway.org/

I would also recommend reading ‘The Spine of Albion’ by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare, which features similar lines crossing the Uk from (roughly) north to south.

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I love going on adventures with my husband – whether by bicycle, on foot, by boat or in our camper van. We enjoy travelling alone, with friends, sometimes with strangers and used to take our dog!

We love far flung places and foreign cultures, foods and languages – but we happen to live in the most beautiful country in the world, with its varied countryside and literally thousands of years of human history….

It is the countryside that puts the Great into Britain – from mudflats to mountains, from Dartmoor to Dunbar – it is an amazing place to explore.

And sometimes it doesn’t even rain…!


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